Sugaar, the dragon-serpent of air and fire, represents in Basque oral tradition the lover-consort of Mari: the carnal union between Father Sky and Mother Earth. Their encounters, according to the legends, unleashed terrible storms that caused destruction but also gave fertility to the fields. From the cosmic mating of these deities, Atabarri, the kind son, and Mikelatz, the evil one, were born.

Sugaar, like many pre-Christian myths, has multiple interpretations and representations: it can be a crescent of fire, a giant snake that frightens men, a punishing character for those who disown their parents or a snake that dwells in caves and underground tunnels.

Sugaar, incarnated as a man, may also represent the origin of the lords of Biskaia, since as a result of his love affairs with a Scottish princess who took refuge in the region of Mundaka, the first child of the Basque lineage was born.