main character's almost there

One thing we did have very clear though, was the artistic concept. Fourtoeight has been anavid artist, portraying the jovial interpretations of surrealistic dreams and experiences in ananalog format. A format that would prove iconic: crucial to the game’s identity. Thedevelopment of having 2 distinct play styles, one experienced through “The Real World” withharsh and earthly mechanics & the other though the “The Dream World”, fraught with physicsand logic only comparable to that of the mind of a child, made us realize how to maximize onhaving authenticity by contrasting game mechanics.

Since we are trying to peer into the mind of a child going through traumatic experiences, anavid dreamer caught in the conflict of the Spanish civil war in the Basque region made perfectsense. Many of the members of the development team have had to face trials and tribulationsof a similar degree which made empathizing with the main character natural.

Real World // keyframe

Main Character // in-game ideation