Robin and triip’s two worlds

Robin, the title for the game… It came to us as clear as the morning dew on an Asturian blade of grass during summer’s morrow. Not only is the name non-binary (we don’t want gender to be arelevant issue in the game or it’s narrative) but it also refers to “Erithacus rubecula”, the“European Robin”. A songbird known for its migratory nature, it’s also known for being one ofthe few species of birds which can navigate during the night, making it diurnal as well asnocturnal, perfect inspiration for a character who must battle with the harshness of reality andthe frugality of the imagination and subconscious.

Draft for real world: the kitchen

Robin in the kitchen (doesn’t this look amazing?)
we’ve also been thinking of some movement mechanics, by drafting them as simple GIFs, just to have an idea of how Robin would look like.